How to Find the Perfect Air Purifier for Your Home

How to Find the Perfect Air Purifier for Your Home

There are so many air purifiers out there it is hard to know what to choose, or is it? Actually the answers are quite simple; which air purifier you choose depends on your lifestyle. There are many brands available including Ironic Breeze, IQAir, Allerair, Blueair and Freidrich, but brands don’t mean much when you need something that actually works.

For starters you want to look at your living environment. Make a check list of all the things in and around your home that affect your breathing. If you are asthmatic this is a simple step, you have probably already tallied all the items that affect your breathing so that you can keep track for your doctor. But if you are not you need to look around your home, inside and outside, and jot down a list. Outside things are bushes and trees close to windows or doors, airport or major roads nearby, is your city smoggy or dusty, is there a dirt lot nearby that blows dirt into your home when it gets really windy.

Inside you need to look at just about everything, especially when you sleep. Do you use a detergent that eliminates dust and dander from your clothing and bedding? Do you vacuum your mattress at least once a month? Are there pets, indoor plants, smokers, children, and lots of furnishings with cloth coverings? All of these items can make dust and pollen and other pollutants into your home and cause breathing problems for you.

Now you need to investigate your air purifier options. If you have a lot of pets you need something that attracts pet hair, if you don’t then this is an option you don’t need to pay for. If you smoke or someone in your home smokes then an ionic purifier or activated charcoal purifier are musts, they attract the smoke particles and keep them from imbedding in your lungs as well. Most people don’t realize that when they live with a smoker they are even more likely to develop problems, like lung cancer, than the person who is doing the smoking. Do yourself a favor, either make them kick the habit or make them smoke outside. When this fails then get a best air purifier, probably two depending on the size of your house, and especially keep one near the bed where you need to be breathing your cleanest. Trust me, your lungs, heart, and sanity will thank you in the long run.

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